Design Your Own Sea Life Photo Gift and Help Preserve the Ocean's Inhabitants

James Peng of Photo USA Corp supports Save the Whales

Photo USA Corporation, headquartered in Fremont, California, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dye-sublimation products for the photo gifting industry. Dye-sublimation allows for the production of permanent imagery on useable consumer products. From logo coffee mugs to personalized cutting boards, Photo USA has developed quality products that the consumer can capture and cherish their memories for a lifetime.

To make these memories lasting, Photo USA developed a proprietary sublimation coating that preserves an image for years of use due to the powerful strength of the patented technology. The coating is called ORCA and is representative of the longevity and sheer strength of the Orca whale.

James Peng, the CEO of Photo USA, had become concerned with the Orca whale and other endangered sea life. After meeting with the Save The Whales group of Seaside, California, Photo USA formally entered into an agreement to contribute proceeds from various sales to the non-profit group in an effort to preserve and protect inhabitants of our oceans.

  “When I created this special coating, which I named ORCA, it was because of the beauty and power of this amazing animal. As I witness the destruction of their habitat, I decided to become a part of the solution by supporting Save the Whales, because together, We Are Orca Strong!”
– James Peng, CEO Photo USA, Corporation
James Peng, CEO Photo USA Corporation

Here's How You Can Help

Help preserve the oceans with a special sea life photograph Here's your turn to contribute to a great cause! We'll donate 15% of each sale to Save the Whales. You can make cool photo gifts such as jigsaw puzzles, coffee mugs, phone case, playing cards and more. It's easy–just use one of our sea life images or use your own photo for a personalized one-of-a-kind photo gift.

Making Your Sea Life Photo Gift is Easy!

  • Choose a product from the Gift Categories menu
  • Click on the product's "blue" Design button
  • Choose and double-click on an image from the Sea Life Photographs image library
  • Your chosen image will be automatically placed into the Customize design window
  • Add optional Text
  • Use tools to rotate your text/images
  • When satisfied with the design, Click on the "blue" Approve button to view the final design
  • When you're ready to order, choose a quantity and check the two approval check boxes. Click on the "blue" Add to Cart button.


Design Your 1000 Piece Puzzle with images from our sea life library of images. Design Your Cutting Board with images from our sea life library of images. Design Your Mouse Pad with images from our sea life library of images.
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