Oceanus Crew


Adrian & Ana Martino and Mike & Sharyn McCoy 

There is something truly amazing about a friendship which began on an island … in Fiji … underwater!  And so it is, with Mike & Sharyn McCoy, and Adrian & Ana Martino, partners in an inspiring new venture. 

Together, they created OCEANUS VISIONS to promote awareness and appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between mankind and the ocean’s abundant marine life through informative articles, dramatic documentaries, and educational films.

Recently, they added OCEANUS GIFTS to their endeavors.  This online shop provides opportunities for ocean and nature lovers to give gifts inspired by the sea.  Using extraordinary photo images from the OCEANUS Team’s adventures all around the world, customers can create custom, personalized photo gifts, while at the same time sharing their support of environmental and educational programs that will help preserve the ocean and its inhabitants, as well as all life on earth. 


Thus, one can GIVE to the world, while at the same time,

“Share Our World … 

One Gift at a Time!”

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