24" x 36" Poster
Large format posters are a perfect addition to that blank wall of yours!
Ideal for framing, this large format 24" x 36" is a standard sized poster and makes a statement on any wall. High resolution images are required for this poster to look its best. Start out with a high resolution first. If none is available, make sure your resolution is at least 150dpi.
  • Size: 24" x 36" (add 1" for bleed)
  • Matte finish professional grade paper
  • Perfect for framing or tacking!
Recommended image requirements:

For 300dpi images at 24" x 36": (300*24) by (300*36), or 7,200 x 10,800 pixels

For 150dpi images 24" x 36": (150*24) by (150*36), or 3,600 x 5,400 pixels