Note Cube 4 Sides Stik-WithIt Notes
Post notes 700 times with our 4-sided note cube Stik-WithIt notes.

Personalized beauty and practicality, these Stik-WithIt brand decorative, desktop stationery pads of over 700 sticky notes feature customized photos or artwork on the four outside edges of each pad. Perfect for jotting a quick reminder while on the phone or leaving a loving note to a family member.

Stik-WithIt brand Note Cube memo pads are a great choice for classrooms, office settings, as a gift for teachers and coaches, and as a standard for retail stationery.

  • Stik-WithIt brand
  • One image printed on 4 outward facing sides (top and bottom are blank)
  • 3.375" W x 3.5" H
  • Add .25" to width and height to allow for bleed (1088px x 1125px)
  • 700 individual sheets with light adhesive strip on the back
  • 60 lb. matte white paper
  • Color matching not available 

* We recommended solid dark colors such as blue or black be avoided as an all around background color. *


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