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Our Guarantee

Because every item is personalized the quality depends on your photo. Discount Photo Gifts (DPG) is not responsible for customer’s errors, resulting from misspelled text and/or incorrect image placement. Of course we would never knowingly produce and send you a poor quality product. We do our best to contact the customer if we believe the quality of the photo you send us will result in a poor quality photo gift. If an item does not meet with your approval due to quality or damaged in shipment, we will gladly replace the item free of charge or refund your purchase price less shipping and handling costs.

We stand behind our guarantee

Our Quality

With years of experience in developing photo gifts, our staff not only knows the best methods for creating your one of a kind custom gift, but also has the experience to examine the final product before it is shipped to make sure you are getting what you have paid for. From the moment you image comes to us via the digital world, our state of the art programs and equipment comes together to produce the perfect combination of your photo and our product. We put that together and create your “photo gift’. Our staff members look at every item that is shipped from the factory to make sure that your photo has been transformed into the beautiful gift you’ve purchased.

We also purchase our blank products from the finest manufacturers around the world. Everything we use has been tested and meets all safety standards that are required. We purchase the finest inks and paper that the industry offers. When you put it all together, DPG ships a product that you will treasure for a long time.

Return and Refund Policy

Every product we produce is personalized and custom to the person or group that orders the product and, as a result, cannot be resold to another unrelated customer. Our return policy is straightforward as we like to be as transparent as possible when it comes to personalized gifts. We will handle request on a case by case basis and will take care to be as fair as possible to work to a working solution for the customer and company.

  • Product Replacement or Refund
    • We do not require returns of custom products, but will replace or refund a defective item or an item damaged in transit.
    • Photos are required for review prior to replacement or refund. Please send photos to
    • Products that feature customer design errors such as bad placement of photos and text/misspellings, or poor image quality due to using a low resolution image do not meet the replacement or refund protocol. Please check final design for image/text integrity before ordering.



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