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Discontinued Products 2017

Beginning January 1, 2017, Imagine Your Photos will be discontinuing various products from its product line. All products will still be available for purchase up until that date. We will be replacing these products with new products that offer the same quality or better and you will be notified either by email notification or website posting. Thank your for all your support and look forward to working with you next year and beyond.

Discontinued Products List

  1. IYP-6188, 6" Cremation Urn with Gold Leaf Motif (Decal)
  2. IYP-6189, 9.5" Cremation Urn with Gold Leaf Motif (Decal)
  3. 4971, Cookie Jar (Decal)
  4. IYP-4664, Snowflake/Santa Ornament (Decal)
  5. IYP-4959, Christmas Ceramic Ball Ornament (Decal)
    • IYP-4959 with Sublimation Decoration will not be discontinued
  6. IYP-4110, Porcelain Ornament with Embossed Holly (Decal)
  7. CURGL57, Curved Glass 5 x 7
  8. CURGL710, Curved Glass 7 x 10
  9. TRAY11X20, Serving Tray 11 x 20
  10. 7628, Photo Wine Charm
  11. IYP-TS50, White 50/50 T-shirt
  12. IYP-TS50Y, White 50/50 Youth T-shirt
  13. IYP-TSS, T-shirt 100% Polyester by Vapor, Adult
  14. IYP-TSSY, T-shirt 100% Polyester by Vapor, Youth
  15. PCFULL, Pillow Case - Full Bleed
  16. Pillow16, Pillow 16"

Posted November 21, 2016‚Äč